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The features and benefits of the needlefree range

RPG Medical swabable needlefree valves "EZ-IV NFree" have been developed as an alternative to needle IV applications, permitting needlefree access.

They are designed to hold and release controlled amounts of fluids as required.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely straight internal fluid pathway which ensures smooth fluid delivery.
  • Allows the injection and withdrawal of fluids at high flow rates as required..
  • These products offer the most secure syringe male slip connection in comparison with other needlefree injection sites.
  • Low priming volume (0,09ml)
  • Indepedently tested for 350 accesses or 7 days whichever is sooner (report available)
  • Minimal back flow upon syringe removal (only – 0,02ml). Which can be completely eliminated using one of the following 2 simple techniques:
    • Close the clamp between the valve and the catheter before disconnection.
    • Keep the syringe plunger slightly under pressure during the disconnection.
  • Easy to disinfect.
  • Hermetic seal between syringe luer tip and valve (no cap required).
  • LATEX FREE, DEHP FREE & no metallic parts (MRI compatible).
  • Compatible with LIPIDS, BLOOD and CYTOSTATICS
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