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Instructions for use

  1. Using aseptic technique, remove needlefree "EZ-IV NFree" device from the package. Do not contaminate.
  2. Attach needlefree "EZ-IV NFree" luer to extension set or IV catheter.
  3. To access the needlefree "EZ-IV NFree" connector, disinfect the silicone seal and allow sufficient time for effective disinfection and evaporation of disinfectant; 60 seconds . Typically 30 seconds for disinfection and at least 30 seconds drying time. Disinfecting agents such as isopropyl alcohol and iodinated alcohol can be used.
  4. To attach "EZ-IV NFree": grasp "EZ-IV NFree" and firmly push and rotate Male Slip Luer or Male Luer Lock onto "EZ-IV NFree" connection until tight. 
  5. To disconnect "EZ-IV NFree": grasp "EZ-IV NFree" and gently twist syringe or administration set counterclockwise until disconnection occurs
  6. Flush "EZ-IV NFree" connector after each use.
  7. Do not cap "EZ-IV NFree" The device automatically closes. For subsequent connections repeat from step three.
  8. No needles, caps or plugs required. Allows up to 7 days or 350 accesses (whichever comes first). MRI compatible.
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