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"EZ-IV NFree" information

"EZ-IV NFree"" Information

This needlefree IV system can be used with all IV equipment including syringes, administration sets, giving sets, extension lines, catheters and stopcocks. The "EZ-IV NFree" can be used in all normal IV systems for infusion, injections, chemotherapy, sampling and T.P.N.

The "EZ-IV NFree" can be used repeatedly for up to 7 days or 350 accesses (whichever comes first). The device should be replaced whenever the first is reached. Please remember that clinical judgement and common sense are important in terms of deciding when a product is in good working condition and should be used on a patient.
"EZ-IV NFree" Information

Using the "EZ-IV NFree"
• Remove from packaging.

• Securely connect the "EZ-IV NFree" component onto female luer.

• The "EZ-IV NFree" should be swabbed prior to each use. A disinfectant wipe may be used. Allow a minimum of 30 seconds to ensure efficient disinfection. A drying time of 30 seconds should be allowed. Also, clean in accordance with your hospital / department guidelines.

• Disinfecting agents such as isopropyl alcohol and iodinated alcohol can be used on "EZ-IV NFree".

N.B. Do not saturate "EZ-IV NFree" with disinfectant materials.

• "EZ-IV NFree" is now ready for use.

Types of Fitting
Luer-Lock – connect as normal to "EZ-IV NFree". To make a luer-lock connection apply a little more pressure than used with traditional luer fittings.

Luer-Slip e.g. Non-locking syringe – Push syringe firmly into "EZ-IV NFree" and gently rotate as connecting to provide a secure fit.

NOTE: When connecting / disconnecting the "EZ-IV NFree", always grip firmly in one hand before using the other hand to connect or disconnect a luer fitting.

The "EZ-IV NFree" is safe and simple to use, but can be damaged if used incorrectly.

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