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Needle free FAQ

Q. What are the recommendations re: no of uses/change times?
A. 7 days or 350 accesses (whichever is first)

Q. What is the recommended cleaning technique?
A. See instructions for use.

Q. What type of mini-jet / syringes are they compatible with?
A. Any with a Luer Lock or Luer Slip fitting.

Q. Are they latex free?
A. Yes and DEHP free

Q. Are they lipid-resistant?
A. Yes

Q. Do they contain any metal/are they MRI safe?
A. Yes they are MRI compatible as they have no metallic parts.

Q. What are the flow rates through the valve?
A. When in use there is aclear fluid pathway through the "EZ-IV NFree" valve and the flow rate is dependent upon the accesories/cannula attached.

Q. What is the deadspace/priming volumes?
A. Priming Volume is 0.09ml

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